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Ornithological reserve

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Ornithological reserve covers the north-western part of the Nature park Vrana. This small wetland is a remnant of the former greater Vrana slurry which was systematically drained.

In order to meet the reserve and its inhabitants - the birds, you should visit educational trail "Birds of Vrana lake". Apartments Pakostane are some 3 kilometers from it, so we recommend our guests to visit it. There are informative panels on the path which will inform you about ornithological reserve, which is rich in wildlife, especially birds. More than 100 species of birds use the reserve during nesting.

Because of its climate many birds use the reserve during the winter. The reserve is a home to 13 species of birds that are important for the stability of the overral population in the Vrana lake. These are: the purple heron, bittern, great egret, marsh harrier, reaper, crake, little crake redhead, coot.

Binoculars and telescopes are essential when you are about to observe birds. Besides that, you will need a pocket guide to help you identify the species. It's a great idea to have a camera since some birds that you could see here are quite unique and you will want to keep the photo for remembering and showing it to friends back home.

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