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Pakostane events



We want to inform the guests of Apartments Mario Pakostane with events that are held during the summer in Pakostane. There are a lot of events, but we will present only the most important ones.

KARNEVALS in Pakostane have always served ordinary people to express their joy and frustration. This masked madness in Pakostane is held in mid-summer, mid-July. Therefore, all the costumes are appropriate to the season: bikini, shorts, etc. Many tourists are involved, too.

KNIGHTLY DAYS IN VRANA, is a historical event that takes place in August. It all started in the 2009th whitin the organization of TZ Pakostaner, and had achieved tremendous success. The very next year the Knights were founded in Vrana. The event recreates scenes from ancient times: medieval tents, knights tournaments, ancient crafts, knight riders, jugglers and the poor. None of you will be indifferent to the rich culinary offerings and excellent wine. This is truly a paradise for all our senses

MATERINE UZANCE, alive tradition through the cooking of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers: noodles, boiled octopus, clams, ham, cheese, everything is prepared in front of you, a few times over the summer. This is a unique opportunity to become familiar with genuine Pakostane cooking.
This is one of the traditional Dalmatian cakes:

Dalmatinske kroštule

- 50 dag brašna
- 2 žutanjka
- 0,5 dcl ulja + za prženje
- 10 dag šećera
- 1 dag soli
- naribana korica limuna
- 0,3 dcl rakije
2 dag šećera u prahu

Postupak: pomiješajte ulje, šećer, sol, koricu limuna, žutanjke i rakiju pa promiješajte brašno. Umijesite glatko tijesto bez grudica. Podijelite na 3-4 dijela, pa svaki dio vrlo tanko razvaljajte na pobrašnjenoj radnoj površini. Nazubljenim kotačićem narežite na široke rezance, pa svaki komad savijte rahlo oko prsta, kao ružicu ili vežite u mašnicu. Pripremljene oblike pržite u dubokoj masnoći. Mlake pošećerite i odmah poslužite!



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